School Chaplaincy ACT                                      

School Chaplaincy ACT is the Territory’s largest provider of chaplains in schools, placing chaplains in 20 ACT Government schools and reaching more than 8,000 students. School Chaplaincy ACT is operated by SU Queensland at the invitation of SU ACT.  Chaplains are in the schools generally 2 days a week, with funding provided by generous community support and the assistance of the Federal Government.

Since 1992, Scripture Union has been mobilising local churches across denominations to invest in chaplains, providing help and support for young people at crucial times in their lives. The work of the chaplain complements other student services provided by the school.

Chaplains provide pastoral care, support, comfort and advice to young people and families struggling with the pressures of life. Anxiety, relationship problems, alcohol, other drugs, pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage or the death of friends cause many young people to lose hope and their sense of purpose. The consequent lack of motivation and focus prevents them from achieving their potential at school.

Chaplains are available for all students and families in need regardless of their faith.  Chaplains do not engage in proselytising or conduct religious education in schools.

School Chaplaincy ACT chaplains are to be qualified with a minimum of a Diploma in Youth Work or equivalent and are subject to a rigorous selection process which includes police checks, and they must be approved by the school community. They also receive on-going training to develop their skills for this challenging role and supervision to help them cope with the various pressures they will face in their position.

For further information, please contact:
Field Development Manager – ACT, Dion Jaeschke                                             

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