Upcoming Children and Youth Ministry Training Days 2021

Saturday 28th August  – Online!

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Childsafe Training: 8:20am – 10am

Worshops: 10:15am – 12:40pm

Team meetings: 1:10pm

Platform: Zoom

Cost: FREE!


Children with neurodivergence – Ana Davy
DIY Care Packages – Justine
Engaging children of all ages – Leanne Palmer
Engaging ways to open the Bible together – Brendan Petty
Engaging with high schools so they’re glad you did – Naomi Swindon
Evangelism 101 – Rob Horne
How to make a program fun and create a good culture – Cliff Armitage
How to respond when something starts to go wrong – Jeff Mason
Leading a small group – Amy Warren
Ministering to Indigenous kids Cross Cultural Considerations – Rob Clements
Positive Behaviour Management – Ruth Reading
Running an online camp for primary-aged children (by someone who has!) – Elizabeth Williart-Turton
Running beach mission online (by someone who has!) – Sophie MacAuley
Storytelling … story listening – Phil Day
SU Ethos – Ali Boyce
Supporting participants with Anxiety – Emma (Christian psychiatrist)
Supporting participants with Disabilities – Cate Barclay
What’s the Story with KidsGames? – Terry Williams


8:20 – 10:00 ChildSafe member Training

10:15 Intro session to the day

10:30 Workshop 1

11:20 Morning tea break

11:50 Workshop 2 

12:40 Lunch

13:10 Team meetings 

Register now!

For more information or to request a specific workshop topic, please contact info@su.org.au.





The ChildSafe logo. It is an orange box with the word Chil Safe (written as one word). Child is white, safe is in blue text. Underneath in another orange box, in white text it reads: safe people, safe programs, safe places.
Red text reads SU ACT, with a yellow and red swirl behind the S. This is one of SU ACT's logos.