Children and Youth Ministry Training Days 2022

Saturday 27th August


Where: Hughes Baptist Church, 34 Groom St, Hughes, ACT. 

Childsafe Training: 9:15am – 11am

Workshops: 11:15am – 1:40pm

Team meetings: 2:10pm

Cost: SU volunteers, please use discount code 40OFF or 22OFF to get your training, morning tea and lunch for $12 only! 

Whole day: $52 (SU Volunteers use code 40OFF)

Workshops only: $34 (SU Volunteer use code 22OFF)

ChildSafe training only: $25

Morning and lunch are included (except for ChildSafe only registrations).


Workshop topics – TBA


9:15 – 11:00 ChildSafe member Training

11:15 Intro session to the day

11:30 Workshop 1

12:20 Morning tea break

12:50 Workshop 2 

13:40 Lunch

14:10 Team meetings 


For more information or to request a specific workshop topic, please contact




The ChildSafe logo. It is an orange box with the word Chil Safe (written as one word). Child is white, safe is in blue text. Underneath in another orange box, in white text it reads: safe people, safe programs, safe places.
Red text reads SU ACT, with a yellow and red swirl behind the S. This is one of SU ACT's logos.