Interschool Christian Fellowship

Interschool Christian Fellowship (ISCF) clubs are school-based clubs run by volunteers and sometimes led by students or staff members! Each club has a central goal of making Jesus known, but has a unique way of doing it. ISCF operates according to those running it and often targets a specific need within a school. These clubs can happen before, during, or after school.

ISCF operate in schools with the permission of the principal and they are staffed by volunteers from the local community and churches. Children must have permission from a parent or guardian to attend a Senior Crew.


Every ISCF has a desire to spread the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Members want to deepen their relationship, knowledge, and understanding of God. Hence, ISCF is a safe place to explore life’s big questions and form meaningful relationships with like-minded people. Though, this isn’t all they do. Each club is unique in its approach, but they often try to meet a need in the school. Listed below are only some of the ways we do this. Hear that? Only some! With more great ideas we can expand our ministry, and potentially help the school community!

  • Outreach clubs – Focused on drawing in students from the school community and allowing them to experience Jesus
  • Discipleship clubs – Teaching and mentoring young Christians
  • Breakfast clubs – Cooking breakfast for students who come to school hungry
  • Homework clubs – Free tutoring and assistance on schoolwork
  • Music clubs – For those who love to express themselves through song, dance, and drama, meet with likeminded people and develop your skills

ISCF is a great opportunity for anyone looking to explore Christianity more deeply or develop their leadership and team skills.

Can I come?

ISCF are for anyone in years 7-12. So, if you’re a little too young, sorry but you’ll have to wait. And if you’re too old, why not become a leader?

Also, you can only attend a ISCF at your school. So, if you’re school doesn’t have a ISCF, but you want one there, follow this link and let us know! We’d love to come.

Click here to join, or get, an ISCF club at your school!

Click here to volunteer!

Who are the leaders?

The leaders are members of local churches who believe that everyone should have the opportunity to investigate Christianity for themselves.

Scripture Union ACT oversees the running of the clubs. All volunteers are required to complete a thorough screening process, which includes a Working with Vulnerable People check and ChildSafe training, before they start helping at an ISCF club.

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